Andrew Scheps: From Adele to Jay Z and the bare genius of “Pink Moon”

Three-time Grammy Award winning producer, Andrew Scheps, has recently packed up his Punkerpad West Studio and, in partnership with Monnow Valley, relocated and installed all of his beautiful rescued vintage gear into their incredible South Wales studio. We sat down for a packed few hours on camera with one of the undisputed mix masters; A man who has worked with some of the greatest and most successful artists of all time.

From Adele, Jay Z and Beyonce to Metallica, Iggy Pop and The Mars Volta through the Red Hot Chilli Peppers and back to the legendary Johnny Cash, Andrew has been a prominent force both on the Billboard charts and in some of the most beloved hit songs of the last 20 years. An intelligent and progressive musical thinker who has recently declared his love for working entirely on digital “inside the box” mixes.

Andrew lends a newer pair of ears, picking up some more of The Parts You Don’t Hear. Many thanks Andrew for giving us his time and to Megan, Jo and Tom and the whole team in Monnow Valley for letting us use their spectacular studio. Also, be sure to have a listen to some of the fantastic bands on Andrew’s own label, Tonequake Records. A pleasure and a joy to talk with you, Andrew and all the best for your new life in Wales!

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