Danny White on that sound techniques sound

Danny White has become an incredibly important part of The Parts You Don’t HearThe former owner of 16Ton Studios on music row in Nashville took time out of a flying visit to England to talk about an unexpected new chapter in the Sound Techniques world. A fan, an engineer, a musician and an all round superstar; His enthusiasm and love for what makes music stamp itself on your life is completely infectious and beautiful.

Danny is a truly unique part of our story and with his background in analogue recording, mastering and restoration he is the perfect man to take the story of Sound Techniques to another level. His history in Nashville and the story of his own studio share some very strange parallels with Geoff and John’s own journey through the musical landscape of the 1960s and 70s. Danny has a real knack for talking openly and honestly about the changing face of recording and a heartfelt passion for the way music is put together.

It was a pleasure spending time with him and we look forward visiting him in Southern California! Many thanks to Danny and to the Frost family once again for taking care of us for the week in Norfolk.

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