Ed Jones & the Most Collectable Sound Techniques LP

The Human Beast’s Volume 1 has the enviable honour of being a better find on the collector’s circuit than a signed rare Beatles acetate. Landing the top spot on Record Collector Magazine’s most valuable discs, the first edition of their 1970 album reaches somewhere in the vicinity of $8000 online; a price Edinburgh native Ed Jones finds ludicrous considering its breakneck 1 day production. With a dry good humour Ed shared his thoughts and memories with The Parts You Don’t Hear of the rock and folk scene of the late 60’s and early 70’s.

Big thanks to Ed for being patient with us while we lit his beautiful home; An art lovers paradise. If you’re feeling flush you can find a copy of Volume 1 out there in e-bay world but if not there’s always the re-issued cut at Sunbeam Records with notes and recollections from the band members.

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