Geoff Frost: the mastermind behind sound techniques

The charming Geoff Frost and his wife Jillie were kind enough to invite us to their beautiful house in Norfolk to sit down for a few days and talk about the documentary; Both over a few nice pints of ale and on camera. When Geoff and John Wood dove in at the deep end in 1964 to start one of London’s first independent recording studios they really had no idea how well things were going to go.

In Geoff’s surprising and straight shooting way we talked about the American records that influenced the live sound of the Chelsea studio and the arrogance of youth driven DIY nature of creating the desks and the space which captured the beautiful sounds of the times.

Huge thanks to the Geoff Frost and his family for giving us their total blessing on the film and extra special thanks to Geoff’s son Matthew Frost for helping us research the influence of Sound Techniques and the main players in all areas. Matt is a fantastic music journalist and an incredibly knowledgeable guy; You should all go and follow on twitter @matt_frost.

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