Jill Frost: Behind the scenes at Sound Techniques

They say that behind every great man, there is a great woman and without Jill Frost, affectionately known as ‘Jillie’ by husband and Sound Techniques founder Geoff Frost, there may not have been a Sound Techniques to begin with… Yes, you can borrow money from the bank and you can even borrow money from your supportive mother, but who is going to work, feed and support you whilst you pursue your dream, spending month after month after month hand-building a studio from the ground upwards? On weekends Jillie would lend a much needed extra pair of hands at the studio with things like DIY soundproofing.

From the get go Jillie was a patient friend accompanying then boyfriend Geoff on his trips buying components and parts from places like the army surplus store. We do hope he then accompanied her to the fashionable clothes shops in return! They married whilst Geoff was engineer at Levy’s Sound Studio on New Bond Street, working on UK hits such as Like I Do by Maureen Evans. Ever the supportive wife, she accompanied Geoff when he went to Nashville to check out the studios there, talking to head engineers for inspiration and ideas on starting his own venture, Sound Techniques.

Fast forward a few years and Geoff is hand building a desk in LA for Sunset Sound Recorders where many classic albums would shortly be made. Jillie accompanies Geoff only to be asked if they would like to attend a movie premiere in Hollywood for The Jungle Book. Who should be in the limo accompanying them to the event? None other than The Doors and in particular Jim Morrison who accompanies Jillie arm in arm down the red carpet. Here is Jim Morrison and The Doors in the studio on one of Geoff Frost‘s Sound Techniques desks. Many thanks to the lovely Jillie for her humour and honesty in sharing her memories with The Part’s You Don’t Hear.

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