Nick Mason: Pink Floyd, Arnold Layne, See Emily Play and Sound Techniques

Many thanks to Pink Floyd‘s Nick Mason for inviting us over to his lovely office in Islington, London. Is that a real full size Formula 1 Ferrari in the middle of his office? Yes it is! It really ties the room together… and our shot too. Nick helped us clarify the very simple fact that one of the most successful bands of all time had their humble beginnings in our modest Chelsea studio.

Nick kindly talked with us about the Pink Floyd early days, the genius of Syd Barrett and coming to Sound Techniques, Chelsea with producer Joe Boyd for their debut single Arnold Layne. With John Wood engineering the single and B-side Candy & a Currant Bun immediately got them signed and they swiftly became the coolest psychedelic rock band in 1967.

The band were filmed in Sound Techniques for Peter Whitehead‘s Tonight Let’s All Make Love in London, also in 1967; Remember, their long standing career speaks for itself but it all started here in an old converted dairy.

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