Sound Techniques: Reborn in the USA

Danny White and P.H Naffar have just launched the brand new The pair, enamoured with the desks and the history of the British company will carry on the torch of Sound Techniques, hell bent on crafting the same high quality consoles and gear for a new generation of musicians and engineers.

Based in Southern California, they are no strangers to audio and design; Danny built and ran the beautiful 16Ton studios in Nashville and P.H founded The Refreshments and bagged a billboard #1 along the way.

The site is full of great photos and info about the past and future Sound Techniques; Just take a look at the Albums and Artists page to see just how far the influence of the company stretches. You can even download all 150 pages of it in PDF if the mood strikes!

Danny and P.H have been a huge help along the entire production of the film and this new lease of life for the company is a beautiful and fitting twist in the tail so head over to to see what they’re up to.

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