Teaser Trailer: The Origin of Sound Techniques

An early Christmas present from us; This first teaser trailer highlights the origins of Sound Techniques while hinting at the grander story under the surface…

Sound Techniques began its life as a small DIY studio in 1964. It’s doors would be open for 10 years under the guidance of Geoff Frost and John Wood; Behind the faders of their hand made mixing console. As the word of their unique sound started to grow Geoff began to build mixers for some of the most respected studios in the world; Studios who would record some of the greatest Rock and Roll songs of all time.

Joe Boyd, Chris “Joe” Beard, Jerry Boys, Ian Anderson, John Wood, Ron Geesin, Geoff Frost, Martin Carthy, Danny White, Geoff Bowyer, Mike Heron, Ed Jones and Vashti Bunyan remember the origins of Sound Techniques

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